Planting Pineapple in Raised Beds

Banana Sprout Two Days After Planting

Vanilla Climbing a Post

Breadfruit for Breakfast

Peanut Harvest

Tropical Eco-farm!

Here’s a jungle homestead for you and your family to come help with planting and harvesting food, with chores, and with animal care. It’s a quiet, unique, and beautiful place to relax, eat healthy meals,  fruit and ice cream snacks,  and enjoy the jungle rivers, vegetation, and animals.
In the interest of teaching sustainability and stewardship, we’re working on expanding our small scale Joel Salatin style chicken project, adding gardens, greenhouses, aquaponics, and a variety of farm animals. Here at Mighty Rivers, it’s about finding practical ways to grow food in the jungle, without sacrificing kindness to animals, soil, and plants.

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