Enjoying the jungle together!

Morning Worship

Inner City Youth Hear About Noah

Helpers Bring River Sand for Construction

Learning to Walk Again

Welcome to the Mighty Rivers Mission!

It’s Costa Rica, near La Alegria de Siqurires. Howling monkeys, chirping birds, and rushing rivers greet the morning. In this peaceful jungle setting, a little ministry is blossoming alongside verdant, tropical plants. Indigenous and local folks receive visitors and have committed to building up the land toward sustainability for mission visitors and residents.



At Mighty Rivers Mission, our desire is to show forth the love and hope of Jesus among all people, and share the joy of His Kingdom on earth. There are a number of areas we serve in this ministry.

Indigenous Communities
There are numerous tribes of Indigenous people of the Carribean side of Costa Rica that have not yet known the Word, and are in bondage to the heavy cultural practices of their earth gods.  We hope to be messengers of Jesus, along with believers of their own people, for these mountain villages.  Our goal is to offer refuge and support for Indigenous children, for teen mothers, and for families in urgent need. We would like to continue assisting with educational material and equipment too.

Worship and Restoration
Mighty Rivers is a gathering place for worship, healing, sharing, reconciliation, and blessing. The marvelous beauty and peace of the jungle and rivers and wildlife make this mountain retreat an excellent spot for deeper communion with our Lord.

Inner City Youth
We also have a desire to connect with at risk youths from the cities of Costa Rica.  To that end, we would appreciate help with a Limon inner city outreach so that we can continue to bring groups of children from there to spend weekends at our farm. During these visits, it’s helpful to have people around that can assist with teaching, sharing, worshiping and English learning. We would like to extend these farm visit opportunities to orphanages in San Jose.

Homestead Development
We’re building up a little homestead, for food, inspiration and joy! In the interest of teaching sustainability and stewardship, we would like to expand our small scale Joel Salatin style chicken project, add gardens, greenhouses, aquaponics, and a variety of farm animals. Here at Mighty Rivers, it’s about finding practical ways to grow food in the jungle, without sacrificing kindness to animals, soil, and plants.

Community Learning Center
Our immediate community is in need of teachers of English, computer use and office skills, music, baking, woodworking, sewing, preserving food, and other ordinary skills. We are preparing to set up equipment for this purpose, and offering training sessions to them and the Indigenous folks.

Would you like to come?

  • Assist with the Indigenous ministry
  • Accompany a group to remote Indian villages for sharing and learning
  • Share your gifts and skills and love by teaching at the farm
  • Just relax, swim in the river, and experience the simple mountain culture of the area
  • Bring your family for a vacation and learning
  • Participate in local games at the village school
  • Inspire youngsters or groups as a worship leader
  • Be a part of day to day tropical farm activities
  • Or contribute a little by funding

Then just come and be a little part of the Joy at Mighty Rivers!